Good Monday morning. Meditation will be tonight at 7 as usual. See you there. Please let me know via text or email if you will be there.

In my work over the past 20 years I have been blessed to spend time with so many amazing women, men and children. My training in Energy Medicine held many possibilities of how I worked with them to support their healing. As I spent time in sessions I noticed that I had an ability to hold a space for others to connect deeply to themselves through their emotions. It was as if I could see where they were holding stuck energy related to the mental-emotional patterns that limit our Spirit’s unfoldment, and yet knew that it would be most powerful if they connected to those places themselves. These patterns are, of course, held in the body, our Soul’s vehicle on the Earth plane. What also became clear to me was that many people knew about their emotions and their stories but few had allowed themselves to connect to them with openness and awareness. It is the commitment to truly allow our emotions without trying to fix them or hide them that frees us to be our authentic Selves.

What does it really mean to feel your emotions? Most of us know how overwhelming strong sadness, grief and heartbreak can be. The challenge is to find the place of centered awareness, to not drown in the emotions and to not suppress them. By bringing a natural presence to the sensations within and to the thoughts associated with those sensations we can connect gently with that blocked energy from the original trauma or pain. This is a very vulnerable and often raw process and I am in awe of the courage it takes to look deep inside. It is like a dance between the polarities, looking for center.

Can we make the journey from the head to the heart and connect deeply within ourselves? It is fear that keeps us from this freedom. The thinking mind likes to hold onto control while the heart always longs for love and freedom. What do you want? Do you want to stay stuck in the pain of what has already been or anxiety of what is to come or do you want to live in the power of the present moment? I know the real answer. Being open and vulnerable with yourself will allow you to be open and vulnerable with others. This will allow the gift of true connection.

Love and Light, Marion