The Pressure to Feel happy

Is happiness the ultimate goal?

We often put pressure on ourselves to be happy. If we are not happy we might even feel shame around that. The attachment to being happy often leaves us in pain creating a sense of failure within us. This takes us further from the goals we have set.

If we believe that happiness is our ultimate goal, we do not allow space for feeling our sadness, our pain, and our desires. Naturally, we would rather be happy than sad. Yet it is the practice of allowing what we truly feel and bringing present moment awareness to those feelings that move us into a deeper relationship with ourselves.

Listening deeply with compassionate awareness is a gift we can give ourselves. It means that we don’t need to repress our emotions or shame ourselves for not being happy. We become aware that there are times we feel happy and there are things that cause us to feel sad.

Don’t suppress negative emotions

There are many situations in which we feel fear or doubt and other situations in which we feel confident and trusting. When we suppress, judge or shame these emotions as negative, we are shutting down the natural messaging system of our being. Paradoxically, it is the repression of these negative emotions that causes them to linger.

Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, negative and positive, creates space inside us and a sense of freedom. I hear often that people are afraid the emotions will never leave. When we give ourselves permission to feel what we feel there is a natural movement through the wave of emotions. The attachment of thoughts to those feelings of being wrong is what lets it linger and prevents us from living in the moment. Your place of power is in the moment, fully aware and open.

This week practice mindful awareness. Just notice and allow yourself the gift of letting go any pressure to be happy. To allow yourself to be upbeat and positive. Be present with yourself, your feelings and thoughts and you might notice that you feel more at peace with your Essential Self.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light