It was such a beautiful evening at the labyrinth with the sun setting and the full blood moon rising in the clear sky. It was such a spectacle Sunday night watching the full eclipse. It is a perfect time to plant some seeds at the Harvest Moon as we go into the winter months (hopefully in Phoenix too). This is a time that allows for inner reflection and deep listening.

Everything in life is a relationship. This begins with our relationship with ourselves. To live a peaceful, conscious life, we must begin within our own beings. Then we can truly experience a state of centered living even when the world around us might be filled with stresses and challenges. Each one of knows how it feels when we have a partner or parent or friend who tries to fix us or offer unsolicited advice or criticism. Why then do we do that to ourselves? We have spent so much energy trying to either control the outer world or attempting to fix what we perceive to be our faults or our not enough places. As you have probably come to realize, this does not work and instead of freeing us from pain and anxiety, it just creates more. The journey to freedom is through the feelings and emotions to the magnificent Inner Being that is already there, no fixing required. Many of us “understand’ our issues and what contributes to them yet find ourselves struggling with chronic physical or mental/emotional pain. True Healing happens when we can breathe into our pain or anxiety or fear and keep our awareness with what is happening physically in our bodies, a practice of presence and allowing. When we give the disconnected, disembodied parts of us the attention and love they require they can let go of their grip on us.

What does it mean to feel your feelings in present time? I hear often from people that they are afraid they might cry all the time or I hear that they are already crying a lot. Feeling your emotions and feelings means bringing a presence to what you are experiencing in the moment. It is neither repressing nor drowning in emotion but more allowing yourself stay aware of the sensations within you and the thoughts that arise with those sensations

So much happens in the unconscious mind. During our life experiences we freeze around trauma or pain, even things we don’t think are so important. We then associate beliefs about ourselves and these live on in that blocked energy. They continue to run our lives until we bring mindful awareness to those places of restriction and the limiting beliefs attached to them. Our challenge is then to embrace those parts of ourselves, the parts we have kept hidden, sometimes even from ourselves. This then allows us to experience freedom and to show up in the world as our true powerful and vulnerable Selves. To me this is a Spiritual, empowered life. Being who you are in your essential nature and offering your gifts to the world around you.

In deep gratitude.

Love and Light, Marion