We all have fear. Mostly we are fearful of the unknown and experiencing pain through opening our hearts to our own lives and to others. We fear what we cannot control and whatever makes us uncomfortable. Fear creates a contraction in the body and controls our thoughts while leaving us in the restrictive patterns of our limiting beliefs. It separates us from our soul. This leads to a life reacting to the energy of the world around us rather than the expansive dimensional life that is available to us all. Creating safe and sacred space for ourselves in our lives requires us to be very honest with ourselves about what we do not want to give up. Open to what you fear most.

Often what I hear people talk about is that they are working on getting rid of the fear so that they can then do whatever it is they really want to, start a business, open to a relationship, talk to a loved one about something vulnerable, ask for a raise, leave a relationship in which they are unhappy, and the list goes on.

The journey to freedom is through the fear. It is not something we get rid of but rather something we breathe into, bring awareness and compassion to and still do whatever it is we fear so much. This empowers us in our lives and the fear begins to lose its grip on us. This courageous stepping into the unknown connects us more deeply to who we really are and opens us up to the opportunity to live our lives and love more fully.

Ask inside:

  • What do I fear most?
  • Is it a real threat?
  • Where do I feel it in my body?
  • Can I breathe into it and create space around it?
  • Can I have compassion for the part of me that is so afraid?
  • Remember to listen within yourself for these answers. Have a beautiful week.

Love and Light, Marion