As human beings, we are all looking for a connection with others and a sense of belonging. I was listening to a podcast in which they described a platoon in the military as the ultimate in tribal connection. These soldiers will do anything for each other and are under threat for their survival. Apparently often when they return home, it is this sense of connection and security that they miss as they integrate back into their lives at home. In Native traditions when a woman has a baby she is surrounded by the women in the village supporting her and helping her, while we often come home to handling it all alone. In our busy lives, we lose that sense of community that provides the ground, the roots.

Competitive, Fear Based Society

Our competitive, fear-based society creates separation. As we grow and become more conscious, we want to move from mere survival to thriving and living vibrantly while developing connections with our loved ones and our communities.

Move Beyond Fear

Can we move beyond fear and the need to put someone else down so we can accomplish our goals and reach our dreams? Can we trust that we can move from me vs. you and us vs. them and feel secure and at peace?
We live in an abundant universe, and there is a possibility for each of us to have what we need and desire if we are willing to stay open and allow ourselves to both contribute our gifts and take responsibility for ourselves and our impact on the world around us.

Coming Together

Just as was described in the platoon, the same happens in communities that experience senseless violence. There has been too much of it lately, as we all know, and yet what we see in these situations is the humanity that is often missing in our day to day lives. People come together and care about each other, and it does not matter in those moments what color, religion, sex or age someone is. Our hearts open and we help each other and offer kindness and compassion. Imagine what would happen if we practiced this on an average day. Imagine a world in which we treated each other lovingly and kindly, where we communicated from the heart openly and honestly, where we knew we could have a significant impact just merely by showing up as who we are and respecting others for who they are.
I am sure we would feel a deep connection both to ourselves and to others around us