Each one of us is responsible for the impact we have on others and the world around us, our footprint. It is often easier for us to notice and be aware of how others’ actions and behaviors affect us yet we shy away from looking at how our behavior affects the vibration of the spaces we enter. True Mindfulness practice includes being aware in each moment not just how you are being treated and what others are doing but bringing full present moment awareness to yourself and how you are showing up in your life. Often it is our own pain and insecurity that causes us to get angry or judge others or make assumptions about others. Our responsibility is to get to know ourselves, our light and our shadow, our pain and our shame, our love and our fear so that we can contribute to raising the vibration within our own beings and therefore in the world around us.

Have your default be compassion and kindness, for others and for yourselves. Not excuses or denial but full taking responsibility and practicing heartfelt compassion for all. When you open your heart the world around you softens and even though it is vulnerable it is also true power. The power of being your authentic loving Self.

Have a beautiful week.

Love and LightMarion