Open Communication

Listening to ourselves and others with an open heart and mind is a great gift. All it costs is a little courage and a willingness to be vulnerable and open. To be in a place it is important to cultivate a relationship deep within ourselves first. We have to create an environment of openness and connection and learn the language of our body’s intuitive messages. We must learn to let down the walls of protection and uncover our true emotions and feelings so that we can love and accept ourselves and others fully. Our relationship with our true Self supports us setting clear healthy boundaries and trusting our voice in the world thereby crating a safe and sacred space from which to communicate. Let’s open up and love and embrace all of ourselves so we can freely give and receive love to others.

A World of Easy Communication

Ironically we live in this era of such easy communication. The world has become very small and we can communicate with others all over the world at no cost. I remember when I first emigrated to the US and phone calls back home were pretty expensive. The mentality at the time was also that you had to have something important to talk about for a phone call to be justified. Being 26 with a young baby and in a new country with so many unknowns, all I wanted was normal day to day conversation with my family back home.

Today there are so many forms of easy access for connection and communication. I wonder, however if we are really communicating better. When you are out you often see a group of people sitting at a table all looking at their smart phones. With the ease of texting we often choose that over a conversation with someone. While this is convenient for arrangements and short messages, the nuances and energy of the other person’s response, the tone of voice, the facial expressions and eye contact, and most importantly the heart connection, are lost in this form of communication. We lose the opportunity to really listen deeply to more than just the words spoken or typed.

The Gift of Deep Listening

The art of conversation with the gift of deep listening are ways we can develop good healthy relationships. The fulfillment of our fundamental need of connection allows us to feel the fullness of our being and to come to our lives fully and passionately present and open.

Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to the Heart, it knows.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light