Friday I am honored to be officiating at the wedding of two very special people. Opening ourselves up in life takes courage. The step of making a commitment to be in an intimate relationship with another person allows us an opportunity for even deeper growth. To engage in a conscious loving relationship it is important to know yourself well and be able to communicate from your heart. As the connection between two people deepens and they learn to trust that they are safe with each other, their love can shift into one that is long lasting and nurturing to them both.

Too often in our society we believe that conflict with our partner means we are not right for each other. Actually even if you have done a lot of inner work the vulnerability of being in a close intimate partnership will stir up those deep patterns from our past. If we learn to say how we feel and what we need and our partner listens deeply with openness, empathy and respect, a beautiful connection is possible. Through awareness of what triggers us and having the space in which we can share our feelings safely, we can choose to respond differently than we have in the past. This is healing that is possible within the intimacy and vulnerability of a marriage.

Can we make the commitment to ourselves and our loving partners to stop all criticism, resentment and negativity? These eat away at the fiber of a connection and create conflict. Can we commit to being open and show appreciation empathy and love instead? This will create the space for safety and passion in our relationships and allow us to let go into the beauty of all that it offers.

Love and Light, Marion