beliefAs we all know, whatever we believe deep inside colors the lenses of how we see the world and our relationships. If we believe we are not worthy, not lovable and not enough, we will see the world through the filter of that belief and our relationships and our success and most importantly, our ability to be freely who we are will be affected.

Trauma and painful events, no matter how extreme or how small, cause us to close down our systems in an attempt to protect us from further pain. Of course, our greatest pain comes from this separation from the Self. We start to integrate fundamental beliefs in this world from the time we are born. We’re already beginning to sense the environment around us, taking in and processing information. As life progresses we start to integrate this information as truths.

If our parents were erratic or abusive, we interpreted the world as unsafe or insecure and that stays with us as a feeling of fear until we bring mindful awareness to it and offer ourselves the permission to feel the feelings and emotions we weren’t able to at the time. Maybe there is the belief that it’s impossible to love or be loved. Or perhaps they didn’t pay attention to us and so we sprout the belief that we are unworthy. Perhaps we had an accident or experience or relationship that caused us pain and we have become energetically stuck in that time. Healing ourselves and our lives requires us to listen deep inside to what is holding us back from the life we are here to live and freeing ourselves from those limitations.

Mindful Awareness to begin exposing the belief

The first thing we need is to become aware of what our limiting beliefs are and introduce a compassionate acceptance of the actual beliefs and feelings that are there. If there is a belief that you are unworthy or incapable in some way it is important to name it and connect to it. Make sure this process is done through mindful awareness and not intellectual understanding. The mind is run by fear and wants to keep us in the old patterns with a promise of safety from further hurt.

Feeling into the emotional reaction

There will be some feelings and emotions that are connected to this belief. We must acknowledge the feelings and emotions and give them the space to just be there. Allow yourself to bring awareness to where you feel it in the body and listen to how long it has been living there. Remember it has usually been there as protective or to prevent us from feeling an uncomfortable emotion. Stuck or repressed emotions usually result in health issues, relationship issues, difficulty moving forward and more. These challenges are often the impetus to look deeper to heal the patterns.

Relating to emotion with compassion

It’s not enough just to expose the emotion; we need to do something that is restorative and healing. This would be to get in touch with a part of yourself that exudes kindness, compassion and unconditional love. Can you offer that to yourself and open up that loving compassionate space for all you are experiencing? Our judgement and harshness will shut us down again and keep us in the old pattern. Remember to be gentle with yourself. No fixing and changing, just listening, allowing and loving

Rewriting the story

It is essential for us to learn to unhook from the old way of thinking so we can be free. To unhook from something that is not true and not in alignment with free and joyful living. As you let go of the old, ask yourself if you can introduce new energy and forge new neural connections around a deeper truth. This will uncover your true essential nature and living from that place, will bring you what you truly desire.

“In the past I have had difficulty with the belief that I am ……. due to my old story. This belief and story are not a fact, and moving forward I’m going to open up to new possibilities. I let go of these old limiting beliefs from my mind, my emotions, my body and my spirit. I trust myself to be me and to offer the gifts I have to the world around me.”

Love and Light, Marion