Do you find yourself repeating behaviors and engaging in relationships that end up feeling all too familiar and then wonder how you got yourself into that situation again? Do you find yourself resorting to behaviors that you have promised yourself you will change or convincing yourself that something or someone is right for you even though your inner wisdom says otherwise? Over the past twenty years I have spent many hours listening to the stories of people’s lives. As I practice listening under the story, listening deeply to the part underneath that is driving certain habitual behaviors I am in awe of the power of our unconscious patterning.

Transformation and Healing do not happen when we understand what our issues are or even how we came to have them. It occurs when we get underneath it all and listen to our true Beings and uncover the patterns that are driving us from the unconscious levels. With Awareness rather than Understanding we get to open up to the part of us that has been hidden inside our pain, shame and fear. Of course I realize that any knowledge is good so having an understanding of yourself and your history is important, yet healing does not occur until we move from our heads into our hearts and open up to our full self. We then have an opportunity to embrace all of who we are, no judgement, no diminishing, no limitations. The intellectual mind is too linear and too attached to protecting us so it will not want to let go. We are dimensional beings with wonderful minds, beautiful bodies that contain all kinds of wisdom, emotions that can act as guides and our Spirits, our essential Selves. When we hold a space for the full expression of us, parts we like and parts we don’t like, we have an opportunity to feel free.

No more fixing. You are already beautiful the way you are. Uncover that beauty by bringing awareness to what is in the way of your light shining. With gentle awareness and loving kindness to yourself, you will have an opportunity to reveal the patterns that are held tightly in a ball of pain, shame or fear. Open your heart to those places and offer compassion and acceptance so that energy can move and transformation can occur.

Then of course comes the most challenging step. Can we let go? Can we let go of our old patterns and protections? Can we let go of the mind and its need to control? Can we walk through the fear of what is ahead, the unknown? Can we let go of what others think of us? Can we let go into who we already are and trust in our enoughness?

Are we able to trust in the essence of who we are and walk in beauty and grace?

Love and Light, Marion