Anger isn’t necessarily bad

Anger is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong. It just is. What we do with that anger is what counts. It can be used in either destructive or constructive ways. Elementally it is related to the Fire element and Fire also governs our passion for life. Therefore, when anger is repressed it can often result in bitterness or resentment, limiting our passion and action in life. When anger is over expressed it leaves destruction in its wake and things are said and done that cannot be taken back. The conscious path is to allow the feelings within so we can listen to what is stirring inside our beings. We must contact the sensations in our bodies and the accompanying thoughts in our minds. With awareness we create enough space to choose to respond rather than react.

Relationship to Anger

We have an interesting relationship to anger in our society. As we grow up we learn different things about anger, both by what we are taught and by what we observe and experience. It is our responsibility to ourselves and others to develop a healthy balanced relationship with anger as we grow. It is often repressed especially in women because it is not attractive or lovable. Anger, when repressed will always come out in various other ways, either in passive aggressive behavior or in creating illness and dissonance within the person.

Feeling Anger in place of other emotions

There are some of us who feel anger in place of other more painful emotions. There are those of us who leave toxic waste in their wake as they dump their anger on those around them. Some use anger as a protection and cover. They walk around pushing against the world finding fault in most things, never satisfied and ready to take offense. Some of us don’t allow anger and go to the spiritual principle of forgiveness before they have even allowed themselves to experience the not right feeling that was, in itself, a healthy message from within. This results in a repetition of unconscious patterns and creates separation from our true selves and a blindness to who and what is healthy in our lives. Most of us probably fall in various categories and use anger in different ways in our lives. Whichever combination you have it is painful and separating existence.

How to respond

While anger is a natural response to things that feel off or offensive or just not quite right, it is unhealthy to stay in a state of anger. This energy does not allow the flow of the Divine through us. It is too low a vibration. It also pushes against those close to us and they feel separate from us. What makes you angry? How do you respond to anger in your life? What is your relationship to anger?

I believe that when we are living emotionally healthy lives, we will allow the feelings of anger as a message from within that something doesn’t feel right, then be able to communicate those feelings, when appropriate, and then choose to let them go and forgive. This allows us to live our lives free and open. Remember it is a choice. When you hold onto toxic emotions and thoughts you are hurting yourself and blocking your life’s unfolding. The place of peace and power is always in the center of the polarities, where your true Being resides. Remember if you hold onto anger from past hurts, you will stay in the energy of that pain and continue to lose power to it. Be gentle with yourself as usual. Give yourself the time and space to feel all the feelings that are under the anger and you will free yourself from the past. Allow yourself to not stay offended and you will open to your future. You are your own healer and deep within you are your unique answers.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light