What does it mean to have true acceptance in our lives?

When we explore deep inside ourselves most of us discover that what we truly desire is to experience peace within. Inner peace comes from accepting our lives and ourselves as we are right now. It is resistance that creates pain and suffering.

When I talk to friends and clients about acceptance they often tell me that they don’t want to accept their situation as it is because they want some things to be different. For example, they want to lose weight, attract a relationship into their lives, or they want a new job. The truth is that only when we practice acceptance of things in the moment, are we really able to transform those things that no longer satisfy or serve us. Acceptance does not mean that you tolerate things in your life and do not use your voice or strive for growth and change. We are constantly evolving and unfolding and must stay open to what is ahead. It provides a platform out of which we can evolve in our highest alignment.

What do you have a difficult time accepting about yourself and your life?

There are things like growing older that we have no control over. What we an choose is how we grow older. When we go through very painful experiences it is challenging to come to some form of acceptance because it feels unfair. When we can come to a true and heartfelt acceptance we find the gifts in difficult situations. This may take time so be gentle with yourselves. How we accept life’s challenges is something we have power over. Spending precious time and energy fretting and resisting the things we don’t like will just keep us stuck and create more pain.

We are born critiqued

From the time we come into being in absolute divine perfection we learn about what is not right with us and create walls of protection around our perceived imperfections. In practicing true acceptance we see ourselves clearly, love and accept who we are and communicate openly and honestly from our hearts. This can then allow us to enjoy life and really live it. At some of the most challenging and difficult times of my life it has been acceptance that has allowed me to tap into my inner strength and guidance.

Look into yourself

Are situations difficult for you to deal with or is it physical, material? You let me know.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light