Everything begins with our relationships with our Inner Beings, our Spirits, our Selves. Once we develop an honest, open communication within, we can allow our lives to unfold in alignment with our true purpose.

This trust in ourselves allows us to trust in others. We go into our lives centered and grounded and are not looking for validation or approval from others. We also then do not need to be in competition with others or have power over our loved ones and colleagues. The trust in our inner true power will allow others around you to be truly themselves and this eliminates the need for a society of hierarchy and power over but rather encourages freedom and power from within. When we add conscious communication from that place, our relationships whether personal or business flourish.

We can let go of our defensiveness and protections, we can move through our fears and we can allow our true, creative loving natures to emerge. This can have nothing other than a positive impact on our individual lives, our businesses, our prosperity and the world around us.

This model is much more productive as it encourages the emergence of each individual’s essential nature. From that they can access their gifts and strengths and purpose. This ignites happiness, fulfillment and heart centered awareness so they feel inspired to do their best.

Production increases, individuals feel accomplished and on purpose in their lives. This energy accompanies them home to their loved ones, who they interact with in a more open loving, stress free way. The relaxed peaceful environment at home connects each member to their Inner Beings, they can listen in to their hearts free of resistance and restriction and the cycle or Circle continues.

Balanced open truthful prosperous heart centered living is the result.

Love and Light, Marion