Mindfulness Therapy For The Mind, Body, and Soul

New Workshop:

The Power Of Intention

January 26, 2019

New Workshop:

2019 Vision Boards

January 27, 2019


An opportunity for both individuals and couples to work through fears and limitations to access the healing within.


Join Marion as she leads a guided meditation every Monday, allowing you to move out of your busy thoughts and to the center of your true being within.


Weekly mindfulness musings from Marion.

New Blog Posts

Letting Go Into The Divine Nature Of Things

What I find over and over in my life is that the things I try to control or make neat to fit into my idea of how things need to be are usually the situations and relationships that elude me or create pain. In the transformation I went through about 23 years ago, the...

Human Connection

As human beings, we are all looking for a connection with others and a sense of belonging. I was listening to a podcast in which they described a platoon in the military as the ultimate in tribal connection. These soldiers will do anything for each other and are under...

The Mindfulness of Thought

Mindfulness Jon Kabat Zinn, a leading expert in the field of Mindfulness describes mindfulness as the awareness that arises from paying attention in a particular way on purpose moment to moment and non-judgementally. We can practice mindfulness in relation to our...

“With Marion, I have been able to deal with emotions that I had buried for so long, I had forgotten they were there. I have been able to remove guilt and shame from my existence. In 2003, I had a spinal fusion and her techniques have allowed me to move out of physical and emotional pain.”

“After struggling with personal issues and my inability to conceive through several failed IF cycles, Marion helped balance my system and relieve me of negative energy. I am now pregnant and am convinced her work and encouragement helped me. I plan to work with Marion for years to come.”

“Marion has made a difference in my life. She has taught me to make time daily for meditation and to enjoy where I am today. She has taught me to stop judging myself and others around. We are all doing the best with what we know. It has helped me to trust my mistake as a teaching tool.